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Stratos Aviation 

Stratos Aviation was founded by Naor Cohen, a successful serial entrepreneur, inventor, L-39 pilot and avid aviation enthusiast. Stratos Aviation is a professional playground where aerospace engineering, product development, and building a premium general aviation community comes together.

Stratos Aeropsace Lab

With years of successful products developed, brought to market and sold to leading companies, a product engineering and development lab was established to facilitate and speed up the process. Today the Stratos Arospace Lab has very advanced 3D printing, CNC, low production, and reverse engineering capabilities.

Stratos Products

The Stratos Aerospace Lab creates a wide variety of products for customers around the world in aerospace and industries out large. Our products, marketed under the Stratos Aviation brand, are all aerospace related and when possible have a general public application as well, just like PYYROS the multi-tool flashlight designed and built for the aerospace industry.

Stratos Aero Club

The Stratos Aero Club brings the general aviation, pilot owned and flown aircraft community together to promote and encourage more pilots and aircraft owners to travel for business or leisure using their own aircrafts. We are working hard to make your aviation travels pleasant and affordable by creating partnerships nationwide with FBOs, fuel providers, car rental companies, hotels, concierge services and much more. Become a Stratos Aero Club member today and start saving!

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