Securing & Safely Returning Your Assets

Stratos Aviation offers efficient and swift aircraft repossession services to financial institutions, lending institutions, government agencies, and private lenders. All cases are dealt with the utmost respect and privacy for all parties involved as well as the asset in question, most cases are dealt with respectfully and swiftly.

Stratos Aviation plans extensively each repossession and makes use of its resource to coordinate with local law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies to pave the way for our team to recover your assets as well as relevant maintenance, repair and log books. These documents are as important if not more important than the asset itself as they bear the real value especially in the case of an aircraft or aircraft part.

Stratos Aviation requires only the ownership documentation from our repossession clients to prove ownership and to identify the asset in the field. Once we have the proper documentation, Stratos Aviation take care of the rest, we will perform title searches, file the necessary waivers and permits, and deliver your asset anywhere in the world.

Join The Stratos Pilot Network

Are you a certified pilot, we are looking for you! Stratos Aviation is continuously building its global network of pilots to cover the widest spectrum of aircrafts (fixed wings and rotary wings) our team can repossess and or ferry for our clients anywhere around the world.

Stratos Can Secure Your Assets

You are a financial institution or a private lender and need assistance to secure your aviation assets. Stratos Aviation can act as a consultant in providing you the best action plan or can be hired to provide a turnkey solution. Contact us today to get more information on our services.