Albatros L-39 Warbird Flight Experience

Stratos Aviation is very proud to introduce its latest program to promote STEM education in aerospace and aviation to the next generation of aviation professionals.

Stratos Aviation has opted not to make a commercial operation with it’s Albatros L-39 and therefore the pilot is never remunerated for the flights conducted. On the other hand anyone wishing to experience a flight in the Albatros L-39 MUST be a Stratos Aviation member and upgrade to a Warbird Status which gives you a 30 minutes flight experience.

Each flight starts with a briefing; an introduction to the aircraft, the aircraft systems and safety equipment and procedures. Your experience will last 2 to 3 hours, with 20 minutes of airborne time guaranteed. The flight begins with the rumble of the engine staring, a quick taxi, and then lift off!

During your flight you will perform low level passes, overhead breaks and feel the onset of the G’s as you are pressed into your seat! Your pilot may even give you the opportunity to take the controls and perform some gentle maneuvers too! If you want to enjoy the flight and not perform any aerobatics manoeuvres, no problem, just let us know.

All proceeds generated from the Stratos warbird memberships are used to fund STEM outreach educational programs, pay for fuel and aircraft maintenance. Thank you for supporting this Stratos Aviation initiative through the Stratos Aero Club.

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*Only  Stratos Aero Club members can participate in flight sharing experiences

$1800.00 / 30 Minutes Flight Time

Partnerships / Promotions / Productions


L-39 in James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies



You are interested in having your company or product logo featured on the L-39 for a period of 12 months. If your product of company falls in line with our vision we would be very happy to make you one of our exclusive partners. An official partnership with Stratos Aviation and its L-39 come with a long list of benefits including photo shoot and filming opportunities for your brand and not forgetting the North American wide visibility as the aircraft travels from event to event.


Your brand or company does not fall in line with our vision or you are simply looking for a short term marketing opportunity, this program is for you. Let us know what you have in mind, where you would like the aircraft to be and we will build a solution for you.


You are looking to shoot an out of this world promotional video, need a military aircraft to be featured in a movie or simply want the aircraft on static display for a special occasion, we could make that happen.