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You have an idea, a product or a concept you want to bring to life, the Stratos team has years of experience inventing, developing, prototyping, building and bringing to market a wide range of products. Let us help you bring your product to life with our turnkey product development solution program.


The Stratos Aerospace Lab is equipped with advanced 3D printing solutions capable of printing a vast array of compounds including carbon fiber, kevlar and ULTEM to a resolution as low as 20 microns at a speed of 250mm/sec. Part can be printed and delivered within 24-48 hours.


You need to replicate a piece of equipment, a broken part, improve something already existent, with our 3D scanning solutions our team can reverse engineer almost anything. Provide us the subject, let us know what you are looking to achieve and let the rest to our team of professionals.


With our 3D printing and CNC solutions, the Stratos team can produce and replicate low volume, high quality products for a wide array of applications. We could help you bring your products to market quickly and efficiently. Why spend thousands of dollars on molds for low production items when you can entrust your project to the dedicated Stratos team.

Promoting STEM Education

The Stratos Aerospace Lab is a STEM educational and creative environment created by Stratos Aviation to encourage and promote aviation and aerospace engineering development for the creative mind to the next generations of aviation and aerospace professionals.

All products created and brought to life through S.A.L. are marketed through the Stratos Aviation social entrepreneurial initiative where profits are redistributed as education grants to students pursuing STEM related studies in aviation and aerospace in both Canada and the United States. Students directly involved in the development and creation of a market worthy product are awarded full education grants.

You have a product you want to bring to life through the Stratos Aerospace Lab and want to be hands with the development, apply below to see if you are eligible to use our space 100% free of charge.